rogitoorThe original estate of Cervano was bought from the Countess Giulia Fioravanti Zuanelli on 11 September 1818, during the reign of Francis I of Austria, for the sum of 10,500 Italian Lira. The brothers, Vincenzo, Giacomo, Stefano and Pietro , ancestors of the present owners, expanded the land to 50 hectares.

At one time 30 people from 5 families, lived and worked the estate. Nowadays Cervano is formed by two country houses in the heart of the estate of 14 hectares overlooking the lake level golf course and bordering the outcrop of Monte Castello. The nephew of the family, Vincenzo Fiorini, restructured the estate from 1872 to the last of the original family left in 1889. Only the olive trees, some fruit trees and a small vineyard are left of this once thriving small community. Wild boar are also frequent visitors while roaming the area for food.

The land, now mostly meadow, attracts all manner of animals and birds who are left in peace. In winter there is bird watching aplenty while in Spring and Summer butterflies and dragonflies abound and small rodents (moles, dormice and squirrels ) feed on the fruits of the cypress and pine trees. Summer brings too the roe bucks (early morning) and the foxes (early evening) who come to drink in the brooks which are full of crayfish.

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